Special Order Furniture Production

Set Your Imagination Free!

Make your dreams come true

For the furniture designs you send pictures or drawings to, we first deliver the price offers to you as soon as possible and present them for your evaluation. As soon as you give your approval and submit your application request, Loolpi Home begins to turn your dreams into reality with its Experienced Staff. Your lines, your taste, your preferences are shaped and brought to life in the exact dimensions you want, with the materials you specify.

Special furniture that reflects you...

The era of standard furniture, similar to which you can see in many homes, is over. Now, you can shape your furniture as you wish or apply your own model designs inspired by the original models you like.

Based on the fact that tastes and preferences are personal and very different from each other, Loolpi Home introduces a brand new furniture shopping model to those who care about their living space. It makes your dreams come true in spaces with custom-made furniture. Thanks to Loolpi Home's innovative approach, the necessity of choosing among the varieties that are readily available in the furniture world and similar to which can be seen in other products is left behind. You can now order images of models that you have seen in any magazine, that you would like to adapt to your home or office, or that are entirely the product of your own imagination and creative thinking, by sending them to Loolpi Home. By producing furniture with the features you desire, you can have spaces tailored just for you, tailored to your needs and tastes, and a decoration that speaks to you. Loolpi Home, which takes furniture beyond boundaries and standards, liberates it and makes it personalized, opens a brand new and wide field for your decoration wishes.