Information About Product Customization

It is possible to customize our Montessori Beds in line with your needs. Customers can get guidance from the explanations below to provide reference when customizing the product.


Size Selection

The most important detail to consider when choosing a Montessori bed size is the size of the inner bed you will use. The dimensions given for Montessori beds are the dimensions of the inner bed suitable for it.

Barrier Height Selection

The standard height of the barrier is 50 cm. If you think your child is in danger of hanging or falling from the bed, you can increase the barrier height.

Foot Height Selection

Foot Height can be increased from the menu if you want to use the lower part of the bed. If you do not want legs, you can select the footless option from the menu.


Adding a Door

If you are worried about your child falling off the Montessori bed, create a safer environment for your child by adding a retractable hinged door to your order.

Adding Midfoot

By adding a middle leg to our 150 KG carrying capacity beds, we can increase the carrying capacity and parents can spend time side by side with their children.

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